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SOMERSET, Mass. — Police are searching for a male robber disguised as an elderly woman.

The white male walked into the Citizens-Union Savings Bank on 921 Grand Army Highway in Somerset. He handed the bank teller a note and demanded money, said police.

No weapon was displayed, but a firearm was mentioned in his note.

Officials said the suspect was dressed as a female with a tan coat and had a colorful floral scarf was tied around his head. He was also wearing heavy facial makeup.


11 thoughts on “MOVE OVER MRS. DOUBTFIRE

  1. He needed to do a better job with that disguise. Mrs. Doubtfire would completely don a believable mask face in 3 minutes in a restaurant bathroom.

    It’s a good idea, though. I always thought midgets could get away with a lot by pretending to be kids, but this is a new point of view.

  2. At some point, probably while applying the blush to your cheeks, he had to think to himself, “Really? Am I really doing this?”

    But hey, that’s why we’re here, to separate the dumbest from society.

  3. hello enforcer

    I’m just redoing my link list and wanted to know if you still want to be linked

    my blog is private (private) (new)

  4. Leon,
    They always come up with something new, but I can honestly say that they are job security. The world will never run out of criminals.

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