The Enforcer gets to use an old vaudville routine

While working the front desk last night, and right at the end of a loooooong shift. (I do have to admit, that my lot last night was better than most of the guys on my shift last night) because as I said “I was inside working the front desk”

The guys outside had to deal with this: (In all actuality, the hosedraggers dealt with the fire, but the cops had to deal with the logistics nightmare of blocking off streets, making sure nobody drove over the hoses, and keeping the crowds back. All in sub freezing temperatures.

While for most of the night I just had to deal with assorted minor problems. At the end of the night I had to deal with a woman who was thrown out of a club by the cop at the door for being disruptive. She promptly took a taxi to the police station to make a complaint. She was still intoxicated, still wearing her come fuck me costume, very loud and profane when telling me her tale of woe. I took it for as long as I could and when the swearing and yelling got too much for me I professionally and authoritatively raised my voice and advised her that just because she was mad at another officer, she did not have the right to piss all over my night. I then took my leave of the front desk area in order to calm down a bit. When I returned she calmly informed me “that was no way to speak to a lady” Well, quite accidentally and without thinking I told her that I didn’t think I was talking to a “lady”



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