Giant Super Bowl upset
New York ends the Pats’ perfect season with a fantastic fourth-quarter rally to win Super Bowl XLII. » Details

Even though the Patriots lost, It was one of the greatest Superbowls EVER.

Congratulations to the New York Giants and their fans. Job well done.


3 thoughts on “UPSET

  1. Enforcer, I know you wanted the Pats to win, but yoy gotta admit it was nice to see the Giants win. Great game, just wish I didn’t have to work. Be Safe.

  2. I’m sorry your Pats lost, but at the same time I’m glad the Giants won. Ok, that made no sense. But you know what I mean, right?

    There’s always next season…

  3. Kojack and 5150- After all my crowing leading up to the game it’s deffinately time to take my medicine like a man. That being said, it was a great game and it wasn’t so bad that the Giants won.

    1)Eli can tell all those NY naysayer sportsfans who were tearing him up at the start of the season to stick it.

    2)Eli wont have to contemplate breaking some of Peytons bones at the Manning 4th of July picnic in order to emerge from his brothers long shadow.

    3)New York needed some good sports news after that dreadful Yankee team stunk up the joint.

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