A friend wants you to see the latest, hottest commercials from GoDaddy.com(R)

Aside from this great titilating Danica Patrick Add, ( I absolutely LOVE Danica Patrick!!!!!) and to see her unzip her shirt and show off the beaver, well I was in heaven. (The add was banned by the network but is on the website here) the majority of the adds this year were very disturbing. A guy getting his face bitten off by rabid pherrets, a guy with battery cables attached to his nipples, and the worst of all the unibrow chick picking a wedgie at the end of the commercial. Damn I was afraid what I’d see if the game went into OT.



  1. And the spitting up taking/stock trading baby for e-trade? Projectile vomiting is the stuff of nightmares. I couldn’t look at the queso dip again that night.

  2. Flat- Yeah that was pretty gross and creepy.

    Deb- I thought that was a great commercial up until the projectile vomit thingy.

    Another disturbing one was the hot model doing the Thriller video dance with the reptiles and then letting them crawl all over her at the end.

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