Well, never let it be said that The Enforcer is a biased commentator. As much as I’ve talked up the Patriots down the stretch and I am still a huge fan of the team. When one of em fucks up bigtime I’ll tell you about it as well. This guy is a nitwit. He had the world by the balls less than 36 hours ago, he gets back and promptly deposits his football career in the dumper. The Chief in photo 1 was one of my instructors way back in the police academy.





Patriots’ Andrews arrested in Lowell on drug charges

LOWELL — Two days after playing against the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, Patriots defensive back Willie Andrews was wearing handcuffs in Lowell yesterday, charged with marijuana possession after police, responding to an anonymous tip, stopped his car in the Highlands neighborhood.   Full Story


3 thoughts on “SUPER SCREWUP

  1. Wow Bro, it’s amazing how we look at these guys and wish we could have what they have. You just can’t win in the drug game. I just wish we made these professional athletes money as policeman. Be SAFE AND KEEP UP THE FIGHT !

  2. What an idiot. Huge potential for being a mentor, donating time and money to charities, doing something worthwhile with what you’ve been given and now what? Nothing but a waste. What a jerk.

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