Enforcer Arrests Childish Junkie

POLICE LOG: Man charged with pouring sugar into woman’s gas tank

A local man got off the hook for slashing a woman’s tire because the victim declined to press charges, according to a report by Officer Enforcer.

Officer Enforcer told the man, he was lucky that the man’s girlfriend (victim) declined to press charges, and the man replied, “Yeah, that was dumb and I shouldn’t have done it,” the report said.

The man and woman had an argument and police were called at 8:13 p.m. Monday.

The officer escorted the man away from the scene, however, the victim called police 22 minutes later to say the guy was back and he did more damage. The victim told police that after they left, the man returned and poured sugar into her car’s gas tank. Police saw what looked like sugar caked around the gas reservoir, along with a flat tire, the report said.

Enforcer arrested the man, who told the officer he and the victim are heroin users and the argument stemmed from him throwing away her needles, and that he wanted to get clean, the report said.

The man, now in custody became belligerent while being transported to the station, calling the officers “a joke,” but he ended up calming down and apologizing, the report said.

Police charged the man with willful and malicious injury to personal property.


5 thoughts on “Enforcer Arrests Childish Junkie

  1. In my state, the first call would have been labeled DV (even though there’s no requisite violence) and the girlfriend wouldn’t have the option to not press charges. I’ve always thought DV laws are a bit draconion, since they were made with the assumption that an arrest is always the best solution (from my perspective, that’s often but not always the case). This genius does make a case for them, though.

  2. Bezerk- I agree with you on both counts.DV Laws ARE draconian and this genius DOES make the case of them to be that way. The thing I hate about DV Laws around here is that they takes any creative solutions, discression or hard and fast old time policing techniques and dumbs them down to the lowest common denominator, no matter what.

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