The other night we got a call for a nine one one open line. Sometimes people need help bad but for whatever the circumstances they can not speak or speak loudly to the dispatcher over the phone.

Open line calls tend to get your juices flowing and your mind racing as a responding cop because the hang ups while they can be serious are usually pranks, people testing the system, or the accidental oopsie. When the caller hears the dispatcher identify themselves they usually hang right up and are to embarrassed to answer the call back. (Please people answer the callback, it saves me the patrol cop from having to come over and nose around in your house to make sure there isn’t a madman in your closet)

We respond to the open line call and as we get there we are advised by dispatch that they’re still on line with the caller and there’s no speaking just background noise.

We new we were in the right place because dispatch advised us they could hear us knocking and announcing over the phone.

We were let in by the dad, who had just gotten out of the shower, mom is sitting on the couch watching law and order and out of the corner of my eye I se a horrified little boy look at me and take off into the bedroom very quickly.

Just as the child got into the bedroom dispatch advises us over the radio that the connection with the caller had been lost.

I also see a little-er toddler be-bopping around with his sippy cup.

Ok everything starts to come together now.

I walk in to the room and ask the horrified boy “do you know who was playing with the phone?”  Without batting an eye he looks up with big eyes and states as honest as he can ” THE BABY DID IT!!!!”

Then starts bawling his eyes out and confesses, he heard them talking about 911 on law and order and thought it was cool and wanted to try it out (I wish more suspects would crack as easy as that)

We go over the whole 911 is for emergencies chat and went on our merry way. I don’t think he will make that mistake again soon.  


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