Today I heard probably the funniest radio commercial ever. It was an Advil commercial. A womans voice gives the following advice:

“If you have so many Mardi Gras beads that your neck is beginning to ache, then thats probably not where the pain is coming from.”

For a second I thought it was either one of those Rush Limbaugh Parody Spots or SNL Cutaway Commercial, but it wasn’t I have heard it like 3 times since the first one and I still chuckle each time. Dang, whoulda thunk it, Advil does have a sense of humor. Now I’m just waiting for some Promiscuous Womans Advocacy or Mardis Gras Group to set up shop and picket, boycott, and put pressure on Advil to pull the add off the air. You know its gonna happen sooner or later. And then Congress will call for hearings and so it goes in America.


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