Sunday was a rare day that I got to spend the whole day with the family. We did the hanging out watching movies thing for awhile, then we did some early spring cleaning and I finished off the night watching the Sprint Cup (damn I cant get used to calling it that, it sounds more like a bicycle or boating race than it does Nascar) Race that we tivo’d.

While we were doing the movie segment, oldest daughter saw fit to give middle son a wedgie. Middle son then chased oldest daughter into her bedroom in an attempt at revenge. He stood there pounding on the door while oldest daughter held firm on the other side of the door.

Me always being the impartial and fair dad. (not to mention that I wanted the banging to stop so I could hear the movie) summonsed middle son to a “conference” I told him the old adage that “revenge is a soup best served cold” and asked him if he knew what it meant. He said “Sure dad, you mean instead of a wedgie give her a whitewash in the snow instead. Great idea”

Yeah, I love the boy but sometimes……

I did explain it to him but I’m still not sure I got my point across. 


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