Last night me and Enforcerwife took our youngest (the older 2 were at EnforcerEx’s house) out to run some errands. We went to the supermarket and to the shoe store (Enforcer needed new boots to pound the pavement with, the old pair were woefully worn out)

The supermarket was on one end of the strip mall and the shoe store was on the opposite end, so we put our stuff in the car and walked the length to the shoe store. When we were leaving we had to pass an Indian Cuisine Resturaunt.

Pollitically Correct Enforcer Youngest (PCEY) asked if we could eat there sometime and Enforcerwife responded “sure, but it is Indian food and you do not really like spicy food hun”

PCEY piped up with “Ma, they don’t like to be called Indians, they like to be called Native Americans”.

We tried several times to explain the difference between Native Americans and People from India…… to no avail.

Whenever we said the word Indian, referring to the citizens of India PCEY curtly cut us off with NATIVE AMERICANS, IT’S NATIVE AMERICANS, IM NOT LISTENING UNTIL YOU GUYS SAY IT RIGHT!!!!!!

How do you argue with that logic?


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