I haven’t posted much lately. Everything has been blasé around here lately. No real blogworthy stuff. I don’t like to use the blog to bitch about stuff, but working without a contract for so long, all kinds of new rules and regulations coming down from management and daily minutia has left me not finding the funny in my job lately.

Regarding the above issues, I can understand that things have to be orderly, I can understand that there needs to be accountability, but what I can’t understand is the constant erosion of officer discretion due to new general orders and directives being sent down to us on a daily basis at a time where management has to know that morale is at an all time low due to contract issues.

With that being said, I do have a funny to report. Working the other day, I was talking to the officer in the sector that abuts mine right after we hit the streets after roll call (The guy is an awesome friend and great cop) but he is low key, solitary, and one of the most sarcastically funny people I know. And he doesn’t like to let on that he is a nice guy and has feelings. 

As we were talking I saw the car approach the parking lot. (I do have to say here that veteran cops can spot someone from a mile away who is going to drive up and ask for directions or give a heads up about something) It sometimes is a pleasant experience for the cop but we have that split second sinking feeling that this person may be that lonely person who will attempt to keep us talking to them for hours just for the human contact.

I didn’t have to worry because just as the car approached I got an alarm call in my sector. The other cop would have to interact with this person alone. (There is no "leave no man behind rule" when it comes to dealing with the public, so I was happily on my way.

As I pulled away I heard the other cop (the guy I was chatting with) radio into dispatch that he was going off with an "animal call" I chuckled to myself. I checked on the alarm and beat feet back to find out what the "animal call" was. As I arrived, the other cop was just finishing the call. It seems that a duckling had fallen into a catch basin and was trapped. The car that approached us earlier had requested help in freeing the duckling. She had been on the phone all day with different agencies and had gotten the run around. So she decided to do it herself but couldn’t get the storm drain off. That’s when she asked for assistance. The other cop freed the duck and brought it down to the pond and reunited it with it’s fine feathered family.

After they left I had a field day making ducky references to the cop all night long, calling him Scrooge McDuck,Daffy, Donald, Baby Huey etc…  One reference that stuck out was the Make Way For Ducklings story I used to read to my kids when they were younger (only with him leading the parade of ducklings)

As a cop, no good deed goes unpunished (or un ragged on) but I got to say he did a great job and I am glad that it all had a happy ending. Hell no I won’t stop teasing him and if anyone knows where I can get a 7 foot tall stuffed or rubber ducky please let me know…..


One thought on “HE FORGOT TO DUCK

  1. I used to read that book all the time about 14 years ago! I was so excited when I learned that “Mallard” was actually a specific type of duck.

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