As I reported in the last post, I had a grand old time busting another cops chops yesterday about the duck caper.

Well, I report the good the bad and the truly ugly for you my blog readers. And by truly ugly I mean when police payback is delivered it is delivered with a vengeance. Cop Style Vengeance.

I had a domestic tonight where the suspect laid out his girlfriend with one punch. He was then "subdued" by bystanders. In the process of the subduing the suspect defecated in his pants.

He was my arrest so one of the other thoughtful cops decided to place the suspect in my police car for me. He also took the liberty of rolling up all of my windows and putting the heat on in the car with the poopy pants suspect marinating in the back seat. I got a full fragrant blast as I got in the car to transport the guy to jail.



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