I swear I should have stayed in bed all weekend. I had Friday and Saturday off this week, it was good to have most of fathers day off. Or so I thought. Friday was uneventful, my daughters had a softball game but it got called for not enough players.

We ended up going out for a pre fathers day seafood dinner. It was great. Saturday morning was really sunny and nice and my son had a baseball game, I went to WATCH it., nothing better than being a proud father watching his son play the great American game on Fathers day weekend right?

However the guy who was umpiring it is an electrician and zapped himself on a job on Friday, he tried to do the game but was feeling awful and had to leave and get checked out.

Yup, the Enforcer got VOLUNTEERED to step in. The game was a marathon in the hot sun, I ended up sun burning bad, I looked like the lobster I enjoyed the night before, I also took a foul ball off of my good thumb (I injured the other thumb a few weeks ago at work) And to make matters worse, I had to call my own kid out on strikes during the game.

I got home, took a looooong cold shower to ease the sunburn, watched some tv and then cooked some ribs on the grill. Finally it was time for bed and I could put the excruciatingly long day behind me.


One of the new kittens got spooked and ran across me while I was trying to get some sleep and the little bastards sharp claws opened up a tiny cut on my nose that bled like hell. I finally got to sleep, dreaming about going back to work where it is safe.


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