Today was the parade for the new World Champion Boston Celtics. No, I didn’t go down there this time. (Nor have I been to the Sox or Patriots Parades either) I am older now and not as adventurous as I once was when I was young and insane.

But it does remind me of 2 decades ago when I was in high school, a die hard Celtics fan and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

When I say it reminds me . What I really mean is my mother called me at work last night and actually gloated about the time she caught me skipping school.

Let me set the stage for Y’all…..

It’s 1986, I’d love to say that I was psychic and knew that it was a moment in time that wouldn’t be repeated for 21 years, but in actuality I figured that this parade would be an annual event for years to come.

I was a junior in High School, an average student, very social, with some great friends. The Celtics had just won #16. The school year was winding down, and it was a gorgeous spring day in Massachusetts.

Me and the boys decided to treat ourselves, we had been good students all year, this was historic, and we would take the consequences when  if they came down. We hatched our plan, and it was a good one. We would all meet up at our lockers, toss our school gear inside, pull on our Bird, McHale and Parrish shirts, hop the commuter train into Boston an hit the rally.

Mom dropped me off at the front door of school, Dad worked nights, so I took the phone off the hook to block the truancy call from the school. I jumped out of moms car and walked slowly through the door, when I was out of sight, I sprinted up to my locker and met up with the gang, one of our friends begged out cause he didn’t want to get in trouble, he was thoroughly ragged on  and we were on our way. There was no way we were getting caught anyway’s.

What we didn’t realize was that school starts at 8 am, the rally didn’t  start until 11:30 am. Our train got into Boston at 8:30 and we ended up being way early. We got a front row view on a hot sunny day. It was so hot in fact that we ended up losing the shirts long before the rally started (we were young, in shape, and cocky back then) We met, flirted with and hung out with some cute girls who had also came up with a similar plan from somewhere else. I let one of the girls sit on my shoulders for the whole thing so she could get a better view. (Even back then I was true gentleman, dontcha think)

Awesome Right?

Not exactly, soon after we got there the news casters arrived and we were pushed back a bit, but we were right behind Bob Lobel, veteran Boston Sportscaster, we weren’t interviewed but we were prominently displayed in many cutaway shots of the crowd during the rally.

We felt really good about ourselves, we beat the system by cutting school, got to celebrate with the Celtics, and hooked up with some cute girls. Even the sunburn didn’t bother me on the train ride home.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and found out that my dad had gotten up early to watch the parade on tv (he was a Celtics fan too) and saw me many times during the televised event.  He asked me how school had been, like every day before. I told him it went well. He then asked about my sunburn, to which I attributed to outdoor gym class and a long game of shirts vs. skins pickup game of basketball. He then smiled and commented to me that he thought it might have been from hanging out at the parade in Boston. He pointed out to me that the sunburn had a curious pattern around my shoulders and chest that remarkably looked like the outline of a female set of legs. He then told me that the school would be expecting me at detention tomorrow afternoon.  (Apparently he had put the phone back on the hook) I got grounded, and ridiculed for years to come.

A few years later a little movie called Ferris Bueler’s Day Off came out and there was a similar scene in it that still cracks my dad up to this day. But he quickly points out to anyone interested that Ferris Bueler Got Away With It, whereas, Enforcer Didn’t…….

Ahhhhhhhh, Good times, Great Memories!!!!



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