At the start of my kids little league season. Opening day the league puts on a big day long event, this year I helped out before the team I coach had to play their game. I flipped burgers and hot dogs in the food tent. They had a huge pile of hotdog and burger buns right next to where I was cooking. So every time they ran out of buns they’d call out and I would throw em another package.

Well, they nicknamed me “Buns” that day and it stuck, all season (truth be told it aint so bad being called buns by a group of little league moms) It could be so much worse LOL. I don’t think that some of them actually know my real name at this point.

Well, the moms went from calling me “buns” to “coach buns” and a few of the games I could not make because I was working but I would sneak over to the field during my shift and see how they were doing. In uniform, and you guessed it.

Being called Officer Buns soon followed.  One of the moms pulled me aside one day to ask for help with a legal question. I realized then and there that some day one of these ladies may go to the station and ask for Officer Buns, I can just imagine the ragging I’ll get when and if that happens.

But it could be worse I guess šŸ˜‰



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