I am a cop and as a cop I am a trained observer, I will be posting general observations on here whenever the mood hits.

The first observation I would like to bring to your attention is that when we are all coming to a green light and I have to go to the bathroom really really bad, you people who slow down and make a perfect approach at just the right speed, being really courteous to all other motorists and letting them into line and go first really are not fooling me, I watch the same people speed up to get “through the yellow” cut people off, jockey for the first position day in and day out when I am in my personal vehicle at the very same light.

So I’m thinking you know I have to take a piss really badly and are busting my balls with good driving techniques. (Does this sound like I’m paranoid) LOL


2 thoughts on “COP OBSERVATION #1

  1. LOL!!! — We just don’t like blue light specials. EVER.
    Wellllllll. unless….

    *shuts up*


    Hey, btw, ps and all that — liking the new pad! =)

  2. I know Lil Bit, youd prefer the fur lined handcuffs too lol
    Thanks for the compliment on the new digs……

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