Not all loud bangs heard on the 4th of July Weekend are gunshots.

Also, even though the peoples republic of Massachusetts has outlawed fireworks, (unless you are a Kennedy) there  is no right of arrest and very few options to combat said nuisances.

As much as I’d like to jam the brick of fireworks down the revelers pants and light the wick for you, the law says I can’t.

So if the fireworks bother you, remember that they are much more bothersome to me. I will be out there going from loud bang, possible gunshots call to loud bang, possible gunshots call to loud bang, possible gunshots call  all night long. I will then go home and sleep right through the 5th of July hopefully.


5 thoughts on “COP OBSERVATIONS #2

  1. Every Redneck in the world has there own personal fire works display Until about 04:30. It is really bad when it is in conjunction with a weekend.

    Happy 4th to ya in advance.

  2. I used to live in a not-great area of Boston, and I *hated* the 4th of July, because there were many, many, many times that I would hear *real* gunshots on my block at various other points during the year, and if that’s what you’re used to, fireworks suck. So, 4th of July was nervewracking, and I generally tried to go just stay with friends somewhere else.

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