Geeze Buddy, Bad day huh?

We got a call late in the shift for a loud party. When we got there there were a few guys sitting on the porch smoking butts with a loud radio on.  Through the windows we could see many other people inside the house.

As we came up the stairs one of the guys begins getting all lawyerly and uppity and then makes the cardinal no no of all  police etiquette mistakes. That being “Officer, I know my rights, you cant go in there without a warrant” 

Well actually if you are creating a disturbance that prompts neighbors to call us due to a bothersome situation we actually can go in there without a warrant to assess the situation.

We ask how many other people are inside and he says ‘Ohhhh only about 3-4 other people. I can count at least 10 from my vantage point. So we go inside, making sure not to tip over the several beercans and hard liquor bottles all strewn around and decide to shut the gig down. I lost count after the first 35 people paraded past me and into the night.

He has lied to us once so we do a room to room check, kicking everyone out. as we go into one of the bedrooms I observe a motor vehicle citation. Being the nosey  ever perceptive officer I am. I pick it up and look it over. It was issued earlier today. $100.00 for speeding. He ended the night with an additional $200.00 citation from me for the loud party city ordinance infraction.

Had he not gotten all lawyerly and challenging towards me, I probably would have given him the option to shut the party down on his own and issued him a verbal or written warning. But when you challenge the po-po don’t be surprised when we get all hard assed on ya. I actually hate giving out money fines. But I will when challenged….


2 thoughts on “Geeze Buddy, Bad day huh?

  1. Admiral, If a cop ever told my dad I gave him lip, my dad would have given me worse than any cop ever could dream of. Nowadays its the total opposite. We had a father come down to complain that his kid told him a cop gave him a backhand in the booking room. The Official in charge showed the dad the booking room feed from start to finish when his son got booked and it showed the kid being a drunken prick but not once ever hit by a cop. I give the guy credit though, he apologized for his accusations and didn’t seem too pleased that sonny boy had lied to him.

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