Relief from the Rat Race

I’m baaaaack, anyone wanna take a guess where I went????


As you all could probably tell by a lot of my previous posts, work was getting to me a bit so me and the EnforcerClan hit the road and went to Disney. We drove (yes you read right, we drove down the eastern seaboard from Mass. to Central Fla. We left right after I got off of work on the 4th of July.

On the 4th I was detailed to the Party Car, me and another guy (Both of us bald, plus sized party poopers) roving around keeping the revelers in line. Funny with all the parties we were at, I didn’t hear The Star Spangled Banner, Proud to be an American,God Bless America, America the Beautiful, or My Country Tis of  once. I heard a lot of rap and RockT though…..

The shift was fun, but busy and exhausting with the thought of a 20 hour car ride with 3 pre teens looming literally on the horizon. So what do I do, I end up making a dope arrest at 10 minutes before the end of shift. We got a call for  trespassing, supposedly a bunch of kids having a party in an abandoned apartment. When we got there, long story short, the guy who owned the place was being evicted but had till the end of the month, but when we got there he was being a dick head and couldn’t show us identification. he told us that his ID was in the bedroom and when I went looking for it I found his stash of drugs. I looked at the drugs, looked at my watch, looked at him and a single tear rolled down my face as I cuffed, cursed and stuffed him in my patrol car.  I wrote it up, got home, took a shower and we were on the road by sunrise. Several hours later than I wanted to be.

It took us 23 hours of driving to get to paradise. The name of paradise was the Saratoga Springs Resort in Disney. Oh My God it was a nice place. I got to relax, pool hop, and not have to think of good guys, bad guys, court, or crime. It was awesome.

It is funny though, while down there I ended up meeting two nurses, a jail guard from New York, and a retired cop from Kentucky. I swear public safety people put out some kind of vibe or something. The kids made friends with other kids from Colorado, Scotland, and North Carolina. The girls went to the Bippety Boppety Boutique and were princessified (they looked adorable) while the boy got to go on a real life Pirate Adventure (ship cruise, buried treasure, maps and such) all the things a young boy thinks are cool.

Throw in a pirate wench or two,some plundering, a keg of rum and big boys like me would be lining up for that ride.


8 thoughts on “Relief from the Rat Race

  1. What fun! We love Disney, but the one on the other coast. But, when I lived in NY we would do the drive to florida every spring break to visit my grandma.

    My husband HATES catching shit at the end of shift. That’s the worst!

  2. Angie- Its totally true, The NY Jail guard and I when we finally got to talking laughed at how we were both tactically positioned (even though both of us were on vacation and at the pool) were sizing each other and everyone else up, and ready for all hell to break loose (even at the Magic Kingdom)

    Reggie- I hit as many as I could, the ones at Magic Kingdom are tame compared to the ones at Universal, but I totally loved big thunder mountain.

    Lori- I usually don’t mind making an arrest at the end of shift if I dont have court or appointments the next day, it’s a good way to accumulate time owed hours and I really don’t ever have much to do between 1am-3am so it works out for me. I have never been to Disney Ca. but maybe someday.

    Jay- Thanks bigtime, I soooo needed the rest and relaxation. But now its back to work and dreaming about next years vacation.

    Wyatt- I made a funny !!!! After reading your stuff I am considering it quite an accomplishment making you chuckle here. Thanks bro.

  3. Goddess- Whaddaya mean stop? it’s still playing continuous loop inside my brain along with the phrase “Have a magical day!!!!!!”

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