Its so freaking refreshing to see superstars who actually get it and these guys do. In a place and time in history where both sides of the political spectrum try to tear the other down and “superstars” who are so narcasisstic that they believe that just because they say something that we the unwashed masses should gobble it up like manna from heaven. Seeing someone that just lays the facts out there and lets the consumer make up their own mind is something to be applauded (and even brings the Enforcer out of BlogBlock)




I’m not saying Metallica hasn’t in the past been pollitical (Disposeable Heroes, even though it’s a great song does have a political bend to it) and least we forget their crusade against music downloads. But it seems to me that aside from being a great song that (without the video) is inspirational  (just listen to the words and the lyrics) but with the video is a tribute to every man and woman who wears a uniform and protects life and liberty. A subtle aknowledgement that someone understands and doesn’t believe the hype spewed forth from the Far Left that the military are all jolly green giant thugs with guns looking for personal payback.

On a personal note, thanks to all of you who contacted me and inquired about me while I was gone MIA. I still don’t know about constant posting like I had done before. I like to blog about the things at work that make me go hmmmm in a funny way and to put my sarcastic wit on the things that bug me. Somewhere I burned out a bit and nothing seemed blogworthy until I heard about this video and saw it for myself. Enjoy!!!


4 thoughts on “THEY ACTUALLY GET IT

  1. Dude, its about time….we’ve been having Enforcer withdrawls for 2 months now. (I speak for all of us readers of your blog) hee hee I do like that song as soon as it came out, they play it on the radio all the time. They like to burn out good songs to the point you can’t stand to hear it ever again. I do miss your sarcastic wit though. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hey! It’s great to “see” you again. Hope your blogging burnout has run its course. We’ve all missed ya’. Surely you must have a TON of stories to entertain us with by now. Right?

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