Peabody Police get a paid holiday for Sept. 11

I really have to say as a cop this disgusts me. Peabody Ma. is an above average income town in Massachusetts, I on the other hand work in a poor economically challenged city in Massachusetts. We have been working without a contract going on 3 years now. These officers are getting an above average pay raise that we can only salivate over. They also already have evacuation day and victory over Japan as paid holidays. I am all for police getting paid a decent wage for the work we do. But in an era where it is political sport to villify police officers and departments, this action was just stupid.

Hell, NYFD hasn’t asked for such a contract perk (and if they had I for one wouldn’t have a problem with it) They lost so much that day. NYPD and Port Authority Haven’t requested this consideration either and they lost brother and sister officers that terrible day.

As an American I am outraged that this podunk little police department in Massachusetts has the balls to ask for and the town fathers lacked the balls to slap them down for such an outrageous contract demand.

As a Massachusetts cop, who isn’t making anything close to the money the Peabody PD is making, all the while dealing with crimes far greater than they could ever fathom AND dealing with the aftermath of their stupidity, in the court of public opinion, because the public doesn’t distinguish one department from another, they just hear horror stories like these, see the badge and jump to the conclusion that they (us cops) are all alike, I am  livid. 

So in conclusion, thank you to the rich pampered selfish Peabody Police Department.

(I’m guessing this post will hinder me from getting a peabody PD patch for my collection, I’m not sweating it though)


4 thoughts on “911 HOLIDAY PAY, ARE YOU FOR REAL???????

  1. You are definitely right about the Peabody P.D. . I have been disability retired from the Oxford P.D. since 1986 and just like your department, our Town Manager would drag out the contract till it would go to arbitration after two or three years and our pay was not that great either. Almost at $8.50 in 86 . Peabody should join forces with the Beverly Hills P.D. and shine the bottom of there pants rather then do real hands on Police work !

  2. Maybe it has less to do with the meaning of the day and more to do with the fact that it IS a national holiday (Patriot Day)– and it would simply be an employment benefit to have another paid holiday. So, maybe everyone should add it to their paid holiday list.

  3. I live in Peabody. I know some of the Peabody cops. The ones I know are pretty good guys, but as in every group, there are always a few bad apples.

    Now, I wouldn’t call Peabody a podunk town (we are in fact a podunk CITY) but this is a terrible situation.

    I have not met one person in the City who is NOT against this situation.

    And I totally agree… it is making EVERYONE look bad.

    This was a Union Tactic to get something extra because they were giving in to higher co-pays and premiums for health benefits. I think it was more than likely simply a “we need something in return” kind of thing… and some brilliant soul thought up “HEY! Let’s get 9/11 as a holiday pay day!”

    And the geniuses at the table (the Union AND the City) all said “sure” because they never thought it through.

    The Union was simply doing what Unions do… looking out for themselves by proving they are getting something for the workers. The City was just glad to be done with the negotiations and for getting the health insurance increase. When the cops voted on the contract, they were just happy to be getting a raise after 2 years (despite the increased health costs and the guarantee of layoffs in the coming year – why don’t these guys ever protect the younger ranks?)

    Then the controversy hit the news… and media from all over the US was here to blast the situation.

    Do these folks ever GET IT? Do they ever say… WHOOPS! And take it back? In a very quick move they could have ‘renegotiated’ the 9/11 holiday into another personal day, shook hands, a quick rank and file re-vote and PRESTO! EVERYBODY LOOKS GOOD AGAIN AND THE CONTROVERSY GOES AWAY!

    But no… not it Peabody where everyone thinks they are right come hell or high water (and it frequently still does flood downtown mind you.)

    The idiotic Union reps decided to spin this as “We are honoring the 9/11 heroes!” Yeah right… by getting overtime pay – some honor there.

    The “Never Wrong” Mayor dug his heels in too first by lobing the blame at the Union, but then (surprisingly) taking it all onto himself. I think even he was seeing the tarnish it had put on the City and the badge carrying folks.

    So then the vote this week before the City Council. They needed to fund the pay raises. These “heroes” mostly go up and railed against the stupidity of ‘honoring others’ by filling one’s own pockets… and then voted to fund it.

    So let’s see….

    The Peabody Police look like bastards for stealing money in the name of a national tragedy.

    The Mayor looks like a rube who can’t understand why people might find this unseemly.

    The City Council looks like a bunch of moron’s with the power to stop this… but the will to do nothing.

    The Union looks like giant asses for the “we are honoring the memory…” crapola.

    All Police are given a huge black eye from the public for 1) taking advantage of a tragedy and 2) being greedy public trough piglets.

    The Citizens of Peabody are the laughing stock of the nation for at least one more news cycle because of the stupid, cowardly and entrenched actions of our local government.

    Yeah… a complete mess that could have been solved long ago with a simple…”let’s fix this” action by the meeting of intelligent minds from both labor and management.

    A sad sad day for everyone.

    I sincerely apologize for the harm done to Police (and first responders/public safety workers) everywhere for the foolish actions by my political leaders and local police.

    I blog here: The Peabody Roundtable
    Another local blogger is here: The Peabody Patriot

  4. As a Fellow Mass Resident This also made me sick.
    it is just an abuse and should not be allowed to happen.

    The towns of Mass are all struggling to find revenue to pay fire and Police and other basic services so for this is an affront to all the taxpayers of Mass not just the residents of Peabody.

    the Donkey Show.

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