I got a new temporary assignment the last couple of nights. Plain clothes surveillance, it has been awesome!!!

A breath of fresh air if you will, Patrol is great but it does get monotonous, after 10 years, going in, doing the same ole same ole. (Don’t get me wrong, you never stop learning at this job and most days you see something new)

But the plain clothes gig is something fresh, new and exciting.  I had a blast grubbing out (sweatshirts and jeans) and I have been told by more than one coworker that if they saw me walking down the street that they’d definitely stop and field interview me, or my personal favorite one cop gave me directions to the soup kitchen.

It’s been so fun rolling up without all the bells, whistles, sirens and lights that comes with being in a patrol car. We made a handfull of arrests and got some great intell.

The guy I am working with is really cool, we are polar opposites in our approach, but we think alike on the major stuff and I think we complimented each other well.

Theres nothing like cruising around listening to Christmas music (he drives so he gets to jockey the radio and it is actually quite soothing music) and fighting crime.


8 thoughts on “FRESH AIR

  1. Christa,
    Yes, it was some SERIOUS burnout, and the recent change of scenery was just what the doctor ordered. It was a HUGE blast. Thanks

  2. Lori, it is a really cool avenue to check into. I think you will enjoy it very much

    5150, I’m not sure, I think it will be a rotating thing for now. Hopefully we can show that it is making a difference (and hopefully the others doing it will be serious about it) I would deffinately want it to be more permanent

  3. It sure is a nice break. I got the same deal a loooong time ago when the brass used to us patrol grunts transfer to vice and narcotics. That’s how they got “fresh faces” for the hooker details. Guys got made real fast after making twenty thirty arrests.

    My last day in vice another cop and I grunged like bikers up and borrowed some Harleys. We chased hookers (male and female) all over downtown. On sidewalks… scared the crap out of them.. had a blast. Didn’t like working narcotics though. Wanted back in patrol. Been retired now ten years.

  4. I know what you mean. It’s amazing how people look at you differently — and how different YOU look at things — when you’re out of uniform.

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun, and definitely a breath of fresh air!

    I found your blog completely randomly by the way, and it’s pretty interesting. My boyfriend/SO is finishing up his masters in criminal justice and listening to him chat about it is fascinating.

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