A Call to Arms

Ok, so I know I’ve been gone awhile, but to my surprise people actually missed me.

I received this note awhile back. And I cant thank Jeanette enough for getting the Enforcer back up to fighting form.

I seriously thought I was through blogging. Work had become tedious and so un-fun, my wife suffered a heart attack (brought on by diabetes) so if you are diabetic the Enforcer urges you to get yourself checked and get it under control. Because, being the helpless spouse of someone going through that is very un-fun. The EnforcerSpouse is back up to snuff and driving the Enforcer crazy, and that’s as it should be.

As I told Jeanette, I like to write my blog in a sarcastically funny way. The economic downturn, several seriously depressing calls that I worked, along with just plain old fashioned writers block burnout led me to take my leave of the blogosphere. Jeanettes note, along with the book I am reading now Blue Blood (I don’t have the authors name right now, but I will get it and give this man his due) brought me back to life. (This blog is my audition for a book eventually) and yes I know that the day to day issues of a cop will be a hard write, you gotta dream big right? So if you are a book person or know a book person, send them along to me to show me how to turn a blog into a book, if it goes somewhere I’ll buy you a steak dinner and autograph the first copy to you when I get published. 

Ok so that’s my excuse for such a long absence, I hope there are still some readers out there that remember me, I’m not gonna be the bionic blogger anymore, I will be blogging when I get something good, But I am back.

So without further ado, here is the email that brought me back here to Y’all, Thanks again Jeanette!!!!!!!

Hi Frankie,

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve noticed that a lot of police blogs have come and gone. I might write up a blog post about it, actually. Would you mind if I took a quote from you from your reply as to why you took a break from blogging? I completely understand not wanting to blog when it’s no longer fun. With that said, you are more than welcome to contribute to the Tactical Pants Blog anytime. J I hope to see you back to blogging, and I’m glad to hear you are working your way back.



I am The Enforcer and the web is gonna get fun again damnit!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “A Call to Arms

  1. glad to see your back, i love keeping up with all these different blogs…yours is actually the best one because of your sense of humor…keep up the good work…..

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