So that’s why they call it dope

So,, we get a call for kids smoking dope in an alleyway last night (kind of a routine call, right?) It wold be if it were a concerned citizen somewhere remote in the city. Or at least anywhere else in the city. No this complaint came from one of the fire stations in town, (from the guys who, y’know are TRAINED to smell smoke and to react to it)  The suspects in question picked an alleyway with one entrance/exit point, directly behind a fire station in the summertime with all it’s windows open and fans in the windows. If I were to say it was like shooting fish in a barrel, that would be an insult to fish everywhere. Not to mention that one of the midnight tokers had an active warrant for his arrest. When I brought all these glaring facts to their attention, I was earnestly advised that mom didn’t let them smoke in the house so what did I expect them to do?

Sometimes the job is that easy. Not usually.

File under “Smoke gets in your eyes”


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