A No Hitter

OK, so in baseball, a no hitter is a really good thing for a pitcher, acolades,front page above the fold headlines, and a bargaining chip for the next round of contract talks…..

For a cop working in a busy, crime ridden, god forgotten, old mill city  its an even better thing, it means I wasn’t dispatched to any calls for the entire 8hr shift. I backed up a few other cops on their calls, and moved a few double parkers along, but dispach never called my car number today.

It was awesome, no paperwork, no being stuck at any particular scene. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

Today I got me a bear skin rug AND a trophy head…

It would have been a perfect game (no calls AND no errands or administrative assists), but I was tasked by the sergeant at roll call to go up to the hospital and relieve the previous prisoner watch officer for an hour till the prisoner was medically cleared for court. But no dispatcher ever called my car number so on a technicality I got a no hitter.  I am still looking to have the elusive perfect game…..


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