I’ll bet that even with such a title you probably still will not be able to venture a guess at where I’m going with this post. So I’ll just go on and tell you. See it goes like this…

Friday night was a busy one in the city. Several calls right off the bat and finally after my 3rd or fourth call I was able to start heading across city to the only open 24 hours Dunkin’s.

As Im heading that way I hear a radio broadcast from one of my friend/ coworkers for shots fired (nitwits shooting out the window of a car) hes in pursuit of the vehicle, he loses sight for a brief second but picks it up parked on a sidestreet and one of the occupants is running back into the car after burying something in a snowbank.

He calls off the location and I’m like a half a block away. I throw on my lights and sirens and I’m there in seconds. We block the car in and conduct a felony stop (guns drawn, and verbally issuing commands at the vehicles occupants) ”Cut the engine, show hands, etc…” We waited for backup and when it arrived we issued commands for the vehicles occupants to exit the vehicle, we secured them and placed them into police cars for safety while we investigated the scene and looked inside the car (where we found a spent 45 cal shell casing) One of the several units that backed us up was a sherrifs department K9 unit.

The Officer who initiated the stop and saw the guy running back to the car advised the k9 handler of his suspicions that the kid had hidden the weapon in the snow or thrown it into the backyard of the house we were in front of. The K9  was then sent to search for the weapon.

Well, the K9 “Hit” on the scent of the gun and went directly to where it was in the snowbank and began furiously digging at the snow to uncover the weapon.

Now mind you there are bad guys seated in the back of  3 cruisers and about a half dozen or so officers milling about admiring the k9 doing his thang digging furiously, doing his job marvelously , when all of a sudden…..


The fucking dog, I have never seen this before and if I hadn’t been there when it happened I would not have believed it. But as he dug he somehow discharged the gun that was buried  in the snowbank.

The fucking dog jumped (I saw all 4 paws leave the snowbank at the same time) and he seemed to hover in the air for what seemed like eternity, But that I’m guessing was me freaking out just a little.

My initial reaction was to almost shit my pants…

I didn’t do that but I did check to make sure neither I nor any of the others on scene were hit, including the dog (In all seriousness I honestly thought the dog may have gotten shot in the face) But he was not hit.

Miraculously, the gun was pointed in the only direction it could have been to avoid hitting anyone. The round went into the siding of a house. We woke the occupants of the house and checked to make sure everyone was ok and then we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

However being cops and having the warped sense of humor that being a cop affords you it did not take time for us to ponder the question, How would we have wrote it up if the gun had discharged pointed at one of the handcuffed suspects in the back of our patrol cars. And if it had have gone down like that would the K9 have been afforded a PBA Rep, put on administrative leave, had to see the department psychologist prior to being cleared for duty  or had to go through an officer involved shooting review process. These are questions we needed to have answered damnit

And that my friends got me to thinking how I would sound at the internal affairs  interview giving my account of what had happened.

And I still didn’t get my coffee till much later in the shift, but thats a post for another day.

And how was your weekend?????


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