Times are changing

I’ve been a cop going on two decades now, I’ve seen ALOT… Things I’d love to share but nobody would actually believe Things that I would never want ANYBODY to have to deal with The funny in the day to day life of a beat cop The heartwarming and touching stories that never make the press This Blog was set up as kinda a therapy for me, A way to express myself and to showcase the stuff I do. It was immensely fun at first. I was young dumb and full of… (well you know) Then it got rough, but … Continue reading Times are changing

The stuff they didn’t tell you when you went through the academy

So most of my posts will have some sort of funny anecdote or involve quirky stuff that happens on the job. Im not sure if its that I’ve hit crusty old veteran status or just the fact that with society as screwed up as it is, This stuff isn’t as much fun as it used to be. That being said this post is a cautionary tale, one of an officer that paid close attention to all the bookwork, physical training and most of all tactics. Within the last 3 years this officer has seen massive changes, both good and bad … Continue reading The stuff they didn’t tell you when you went through the academy


I’ll bet that even with such a title you probably still will not be able to venture a guess at where I’m going with this post. So I’ll just go on and tell you. See it goes like this… Friday night was a busy one in the city. Several calls right off the bat and finally after my 3rd or fourth call I was able to start heading across city to the only open 24 hours Dunkin’s. As Im heading that way I hear a radio broadcast from one of my friend/ coworkers for shots fired (nitwits shooting out the window … Continue reading HONEST I SWEAR, IT WAS THE DOG THAT DID THE SHOOTING

Bodily Function Policing (Disclaimer, Gross Material, Read at your own risk)

Ok, so there are a few things the drill instructors “neglect” to tell us fresh faced raw recruits when we are being trained for our “calling” in the noble profession of policing. Here’s one: We deal with people who give a shit litterally We have one totally skanky, junkie, hooker, general pain in the ass who I swear is part cockroach (And I mean that come the Armageddon, 3 things will survive, Cockroaches, Keith Richards, and This Ho’) Today my first call, mind you it was before I was able to get my sweet nectar of the gods (Dunkin Donuts, … Continue reading Bodily Function Policing (Disclaimer, Gross Material, Read at your own risk)

SARCASM: It will bite you in the ass!!!!!

Ok so a little back story. We have a rookie cop working days who is a real go-getter. Some say he’s bucking for detectives, some say he really still thinks he can save everyone. Me I honestly believe he just hasn’t had the “Ohh Shit” call, the call every wretched grizzled veteran has had.The call where you realize at some point (either during it, or more commonly sometime afterwards) that fate has stepped in, that you, your partner, an innocent bystander, the bad guy or all of the above in all honesty probably shouldn’t be doing the whole “alive” thing. … Continue reading SARCASM: It will bite you in the ass!!!!!

So that’s why they call it dope

So,, we get a call for kids smoking dope in an alleyway last night (kind of a routine call, right?) It wold be if it were a concerned citizen somewhere remote in the city. Or at least anywhere else in the city. No this complaint came from one of the fire stations in town, (from the guys who, y’know are TRAINED to smell smoke and to react to it)  The suspects in question picked an alleyway with one entrance/exit point, directly behind a fire station in the summertime with all it’s windows open and fans in the windows. If I … Continue reading So that’s why they call it dope

A Call to Arms

Ok, so I know I’ve been gone awhile, but to my surprise people actually missed me. I received this note awhile back. And I cant thank Jeanette enough for getting the Enforcer back up to fighting form. I seriously thought I was through blogging. Work had become tedious and so un-fun, my wife suffered a heart attack (brought on by diabetes) so if you are diabetic the Enforcer urges you to get yourself checked and get it under control. Because, being the helpless spouse of someone going through that is very un-fun. The EnforcerSpouse is back up to snuff and … Continue reading A Call to Arms