A No Hitter

OK, so in baseball, a no hitter is a really good thing for a pitcher, acolades,front page above the fold headlines, and a bargaining chip for the next round of contract talks….. For a cop working in a busy, crime ridden, god forgotten, old mill city  its an even better thing, it means I wasn’t dispatched to any calls for the entire 8hr shift. I backed up a few other cops on their calls, and moved a few double parkers along, but dispach never called my car number today. It was awesome, no paperwork, no being stuck at any particular … Continue reading A No Hitter

Day Shift

I recently shift bid to days, it was a minor financial hit but the other benefits are fantastic. I have a “normal” cop schedule (or as normal as a cop schedule can be) I can actually interact with my family without being either cranky or zombie-ish, and the best benefit of all is that I am back on a consistent workout and diet schedule. For me working the odd shifts (mids and early nights) I found it easier to grab takeout and blow off workouts. The odd hours are a built in excuse (I’m tired… I got court…Road Job…chores to … Continue reading Day Shift

So that’s why they call it dope

So,, we get a call for kids smoking dope in an alleyway last night (kind of a routine call, right?) It wold be if it were a concerned citizen somewhere remote in the city. Or at least anywhere else in the city. No this complaint came from one of the fire stations in town, (from the guys who, y’know are TRAINED to smell smoke and to react to it)  The suspects in question picked an alleyway with one entrance/exit point, directly behind a fire station in the summertime with all it’s windows open and fans in the windows. If I … Continue reading So that’s why they call it dope

A Call to Arms

Ok, so I know I’ve been gone awhile, but to my surprise people actually missed me. I received this note awhile back. And I cant thank Jeanette enough for getting the Enforcer back up to fighting form. I seriously thought I was through blogging. Work had become tedious and so un-fun, my wife suffered a heart attack (brought on by diabetes) so if you are diabetic the Enforcer urges you to get yourself checked and get it under control. Because, being the helpless spouse of someone going through that is very un-fun. The EnforcerSpouse is back up to snuff and … Continue reading A Call to Arms


I got a new temporary assignment the last couple of nights. Plain clothes surveillance, it has been awesome!!! A breath of fresh air if you will, Patrol is great but it does get monotonous, after 10 years, going in, doing the same ole same ole. (Don’t get me wrong, you never stop learning at this job and most days you see something new) But the plain clothes gig is something fresh, new and exciting.  I had a blast grubbing out (sweatshirts and jeans) and I have been told by more than one coworker that if they saw me walking down … Continue reading FRESH AIR


Peabody Police get a paid holiday for Sept. 11 I really have to say as a cop this disgusts me. Peabody Ma. is an above average income town in Massachusetts, I on the other hand work in a poor economically challenged city in Massachusetts. We have been working without a contract going on 3 years now. These officers are getting an above average pay raise that we can only salivate over. They also already have evacuation day and victory over Japan as paid holidays. I am all for police getting paid a decent wage for the work we do. But … Continue reading 911 HOLIDAY PAY, ARE YOU FOR REAL???????

Bitten Where?????

I got a call last night for a dog bite investigation. That was what was given to me over the police radio. Ok, I’ve done a few of these calls before. Off I go to the reported location. I get on scene with the ambulance and we find the victim, she and her friend were walking his pit bull and at some point the dog got agitated for some reason or another and whammo, the dog snaps and bites her twice. Once in the arm and once in the groin. They weren’t terribly vicious bites but there was discoloration and … Continue reading Bitten Where?????