I ended up working both Christmas & Christmas Eve, I had gotten spoiled the last few years because through the luck of the draw I had gotten both of them off, so I was not looking forward to the actual days this year but it actually wasn’t that bad. There weren’t many calls, no real holiday mahem while I was working. There was one B&E call on Christmas Eve I took that pissed me off (someone broke into a single mother’s apartment in the public housing complex and stole Christmas presents) She had 2 kids, one a teenager and one younger one. I checked the crime scene interviewed some of their neighbors and attempted to check one of the kids apartments that they suspected but there was no one home at that apartment. I felt helpless and kinda pissed that all I could do for them was write a report and be off to the next call for service knowing that their Christmas was ruined and there was nothing I could really do for them.

I got home at 2:00 am Christmas Eve, got busy drinking the milk, eating the cookies and at least taking a bite out of the carrots and celery left out for Santa and the reindeer. I laid out all the presents, wrote Santa’s letter to the kids and finally got up to bed around 4:15 am, ready for my long winters nap…..

Yeah, nice thought, the EnforcerChildren were up and ready to hack and slash through their presents at 5:30 am. So much for elusive sleep. They had a blast and enjoyed everything and it was great to see (the oldest is now 10 years old) and I’m sure we are on borrowed Santa Time with her so seeing her so into it this year really was awesome. We only got a few hours to play with the new stuff before the 2 oldest had to go to the ex’s for their Christmas there. They were back yesterday and we got to play with all the new games and toys.

I got to work a half shift on Christmas Night, and I am now off for the next few days. I’ll be going in for the New Year and I am sure I’ll have some great new stories then.


10 thoughts on “HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS?

  1. Thanks for adding me on your blogroll. My ex husband was LE, I know what you do is the most thankless job out there.

    Take care & Happy New Year!

  2. my boy woke up at 8 a.m. (i was still in bed). he went to my momma in the kitchen and said, “hey gammaw. was fo bekfass?” he was more concerned with filling his belly than opening presents.

    it’s all about priorities with him!

  3. Missed you so much this Christmas! Sucks that I was busy moving. Anyway – I’m back now, and I love the new look of your blog!!! Did I say I love it? Yeah, I do. My little babe didn’t really “get” what Christmas was about this year – being just over 1 year old. But he did develop a new sound that goes much like: “oooOOOOOhhhhooohhhhhhh!” So lots of fun hearing that over and over and basking in his cuteness! I hate that you didn’t get at least an hour’s sleep Christmas Morning. Sigh. The duties of being you overwhelm me sometimes. Take care of you, k?!

    Hugs and such,

  4. Flatcoke- I love your blog, its an awesome read> The job is thankless at times, but other times it is just totally cool. You learn to hold out for the cool during the thankless times. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Jules,
    glad the move went well and you gotta love when they come up with new sounds (sounds like he enjoyed it even though he didn’t quite understand it yet)I have been catching up on sleep since Christmas. Ready and raring for New Years on the mean streets LOL

  6. I’m in the position to have a lot of vacation, so I was home for Christmas and I don’t go back to work until Jan. 8th. I have 21 years on and my job allows me to take whatever time off I wish.
    My worst Christmas experience? My partner and I got sent on a domestic. The Dad had destroyed all the presents and the tree. He was so drunk, but in his own home. My partner and I knew we had to get him out of the house. We started calling him names, drawing him out into the street. Once he was out there and shouting profanities we arrested him for disordly conduct. We didn’t include in the report that we were really berating him. But it was the right thing to do to get him out of the house for the night.

  7. LMAO Goddess, I can deal with the celery as long as I dip it in something, but the carrots just suck outright (I guess I’ll never have great eyesight huh?)

  8. Brent-
    I can’t wait to have that much time on the job (and the vaca time off aint to shabby either) I really can’t believe how fast the first 9 years went.
    It’s funny you said that about your Christmas experience, we had a girlfight the other night (above post) and we were interviewing both combatants (who were both pushing the ticket but not quite disorderly) One of the rookies sides up to me and gives me the advice that “seeing as they were both just fighting shouldn’t I split them apart so they arent both in the same general area?” I looked at him and smiled telling him “junior, if they fight in front of me it’s a breach of the peace in my presence AND ITS ARRESTIBLE THEN.
    He got the idea quickly, smiled sheepishly and remembered his place in the food chain. All without me getting aggrivated.

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