Parental Woes

I blame the recent trip into decadent New York City for my parental woes….

The other night my son came down from supposedly being “asleep” all freaked out and crying saying “something bad happened and I dont wanna die”

When we asked what had happened he told us that while putting away his leggos (building blocks) somehow one jumped straight up his nose and lodged itself there.

I extracted the damned leggo, gave the boy a lecture that was scarily remeniscant of old lectures my dad gave me back in the day and sent him back off to bed.

Ok so I have a 9 year old with a habbit of sniffin’ leggos, I can get ahead of this, Rehab (I’m looking at the brochures for Promises Rehab as we speak) support and tough love for the child should get us through the rough stretch I think.

Anyways, I still got two “good” kids right?

Ahhhhhh well ……….

While doing bedtime routine last night (washing, brushing, bookreading, and good night kisses) I saw that my 8 year old daughters pillow looked a bit too rigid upon investigation it was my wifes Firefighter Calendar that she bought at the NYC Firefighter Museum.

OK, so I got one with a leggo addiction, one sleeping with pictures of guys under her pillow.
I DON’T wanna know what’s next!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Parental Woes

  1. LMAO @ your daughter taking the Firefighters calendar to bed!!! That’s hilarious.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen that calendar and your daughter has great taste already…

  2. Rebecca; She bought the calendar at the 10 house (the fire house like 5 feet away from ground zero) it is kind of an unofficial “working” museum/shrine/giftshop and had it signed by I think “Mr. November” he was a decent guy a little full of himself imho but we got a pic of him and the kids if you want me to email it to ya.
    I got an engine 10 patch for my ever growing patch collection.

    Little; Yeah, I forsee plenty of “fun”with these cherubs. Wish me luck.

  3. LOL!!! Sounds like dad’s got his work cut out for him. Good thing you are the PO-LEASE b/c you’ll be good @ investigating their evil deeds.

  4. Oooo, yeah, I’d like to see that pic, Frank;) I thought it was one of those official NYFD calendars.
    But what’s with your daughter (and your wife?!) liking firemen and not hott cops?!!

  5. Rebecca, I will send that pic off to you.
    As for your questions the wife was a hot firefighter chick back in the day (before she moved back to Ma.)and I’m thinking the daughter is rebelling LOL

  6. Your daughter–the one wearing the black hat–has that “I’m in LOVE” expression on her face;)

    Thanks for the pic. I didn’t recognize the guy as a fireman….what with his clothes on and all…LOL!

  7. Just be happy it was your daughter with the firefighter calender under her pillow and not your son!

    Which bring up a good point… How do you get a leggo up your nose? Seems like it would be a lot of effort!

  8. Ewink: Well when you put it that way I guess you are right.
    As far as the leggo, he had an elaborate excuse with all kinds of hand movements showing how he was putting his leggos away and it somehow just slipped up there. Yeah Right….
    Although the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, when I was his age I lit a firecracker and went to throw it out the bedroom window, it bounced back and went off in my room, I thought I had deafened myself and came up with some moronic excuse as to how it spontaneously combusted

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