Times are changing

I’ve been a cop going on two decades now, I’ve seen


  • Things I’d love to share but nobody would actually believe
  • Things that I would never want ANYBODY to have to deal with
  • The funny in the day to day life of a beat cop
  • The heartwarming and touching stories that never make the press

This Blog was set up as kinda a therapy for me, A way to express myself and to showcase the stuff I do. It was immensely fun at first. I was young dumb and full of… (well you know) Then it got rough, but still worth it. The stories weren’t as unusual when you see the same things over and over again, the pain, the grief, and most of all the stupidity…

Stupidity on both sides of the fence. Stupidity isn’t a faithful companion it is a filthy, stupid whore who will dance with any partner. I’ve seen individuals throw their life away over something as stupid as drugs, money, or percieved respect. I’ve seen cops throw away a great career, an awesome life, and the support structure of their family over many of the same things. It got to me after awhile and the fun went away. The anecdotes dried up, and writing about this life wasn’t half as much fun as it used to be.

The current state of unrest between the public and the law enforcement community has kicked me in the perverbial ass and got me back in the blog writing fold. The atmosphere, such as it is now cannot stand, there needs to be a tipping point, a point where both sides say enough has been done to divide and not enough has been done to unify. If my stupid stories and funny anecdotes on a blog site help to do that then deal me in.

Let the fun begin again!!!


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